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CEO & President

Geun-Seob Song
Mr. Geun-Seob Song is the co-founder and the major shareholder of Unitas Co., Ltd.
Currently the CEO of Unitas, Mr. Song had been in charge of IT Management Dept. of KEB Bank from 1983 to 2000. His know-hows through many projects regarding AML/Compliance have led Unitas the best Reg-Tech company in South Korea. Global partnerships with DowJones, Moody’s Corporation and Eastnets will bring Unitas to be a strong competitor in global AML/Compliance market. Mr. Song has a Master’s degree of Financial & Insurance in Yeonsei University.

COO & Executive Director

Jae-Duk Cho
Mr. Cho is in charge of general business works and sales in financial risk management.
Before he joined Unitas, Mr. Cho has accumulated his experience in Fintech & e-commerce market through his careers in Samsung, Shinsegae I&C , and the Van company, which provides interim payment service with data processing. Since 2007, his business insight in Risk Management for Financial Institutions led Unitas to a domestic leader in Risk Management Solution market. Mr. Cho also worked as a program developer in Japan which explains his fluent Japanese and a deep understanding in Japanese cultures.


  • MD
    이용진 (YJ Lee)
    • Job: R&C Sales Div.
    • Career: COMAS
    • Compliance Solution Sales & Marketing
  • Director
    김정규 (JK Kim)
    • Job: Risk Consulting
    • Career: Shinsegae I&C
    • RISK Consulting(Bank)
  • Director
    배성수 (SS Bae)
    • Job: ALM Consulting
    • Career: KMA/FISTGLOBAL
    • RISK Consulting(Bank)
  • Director
    윤점현 (JH Youn)
    • Job: Risk Development
    • Career: SE System/LG Hitachi
    • RISK Management Sys.(Bank)
      Alltec Sys Co. EDW
  • Director
    오용환(YH OH)
    • Job: Head of AFC Business
    • Career: KISC/CnPTech
    • Fujitsu Korea Sales & Distribution
      Railroad AFC Project Business